He acts like we are dating but he broke up with me so is he using me or afraid of commitment?

  • Afraid of commitment
  • Using me
  • hasn't uncoupled yet
  • Just as confused as i am
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So update i spoke with him and he needs time to heal so we are good and moving forward thanks to the advice giver telling me to confront him. Thanks everyone for your opinion!


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  • It's hard to judge without some more description of his behavior, but fear of commitment is usually involved oesn'when someone doesn't want to define what their relationship is.


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  • Well if he still wants sex and wants to cuddle but doesn't want a relationship. Then yes he is using you. I have been in something like that and at first you dont want to believe it but it is happening. If you do continue to have sex with him and he made it clear that he does not want a relationship, then you will be setting yourself to be hurt in the longrun. Dont give him sex nor spend all your time texting and having him come over playing house while he could be dating someone else other than you. Waste of your time and energy.

    • Well we live together so both is hard and he says he does want to be with me now but isn't ready for some reason and im like than why did you like me?

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  • he is using you

  • He's using you and you're letting him

  • it depends on the reason for breaking up. If there is a chance the break up wasn't serious, and could get back together, then you need to ask why. If there's no way, then he's using you, or just still seeing you as comfortable.

    • I went through his phone because he was acting weird

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