Ex - HE's around ALL the time!

Well my ex boyfriend from like a YEAR ago won't leave me alone! , I was the one who ended the relationship because I didn't feel comfortable in the relationship, but after sometime of being single and happy I met my current boyfriend which I have been going out with for 2 weeks, the problem is my ex is around me all the time, he's friends with my brother and I'm okay with him in the house as long as he doesn't bother me...Which he tends to do a lot! , but now that I have my boyfriend he tends to be in my business a lot more than he used to, in fact the first time he met my boyfriend he told him he was my ex...And he didn't even know that he was my boyfriend at the time, he said it just to say it! Of course my boyfriend started laughing and said "so you don't know?" , my ex quickly started asking questions and my boyfriend just flat out told him that we were dating, after all that was done and I went home (around 1 Am) my ex decides to take my boyfriend and his friends (which by the way all 3 of them wanted to punch him in the face,) and took them to a BAR! Why the hell would you take my boyfriend to a bar when he knows I don't like when my boyfriends drink so late, thankfully my boyfriend knew I didn't like it and didn't drink, but here's what erks me, he's constantly trying to hang out with my boyfriend when my boyfriend doesn't like him because he knows that my ex bothers me just because he's "bored" , what can I do to get my ex away from me and my life!


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  • tell your boyfriend to hang out with you because you are more important to him then hangin with your ex, this sounds like your current boyfriend is ok with hangin with your ex which is weird honestly. you could go hang out with his ex to show him how you feel, but honestly I would just tell him how you feel about it and maybe shed some tears to get at his heart strings. snap him back into shape, guys need a kick in the pants sometimes. good luck


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