For you personally when do you think enough is enough and dump the guy/girl? Which do you hate the most?

  • When they cheat on me
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  • When they insult me constantly
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  • When they say I'm being crazy but I'm not
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  • When they live far away
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  • When they don't celebrate a special day with me (Xmas, bday. Etc)
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  • When they ask for nudes and keep asking even after your refusal
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  • I would never dump a guy/girl
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Constant insults. I believe in second chances, so even cheating will be forgiven once. However, I hate it when people make me feel bad or uncomfortable, and they take pleasure in doing so.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Every relationship is different, I can't say any of those things are deal breakers since people are more than predefined rules. I'd say if you can compare side by side days where you are with this person and days where you are broken up -- and you find that there isn't much of a [good] difference between the two, then it's probably time to break up because at that point, dragging on the relationship is a waste of time. If there is still growth to be done, things to learn, and things to try in a relationship that one would think would make it worth it, then keep going if you want.


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What Guys Said 2

  • whatever makes me feel worse than without the girl

  • After she's blown so many I'm done.


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