Is my text texting me because he wants me to want him still?

He let the relationship fall apart almost a year ago now, but we saw each other 4 times after. He is used to being by himself & I don't think he's a relationship guy as he likes his own space & as little responsibility as possible. He's in his early 30s and I was the longest relationship, so he tried for a while.

Now he texts me every now & then, but nothing important. Just like "hope you're ok" and "You look nice in your pic." I just replied thanks & he said "no worries lol." I don't know what these meaningless texts are for. He wanted to see me for a drink over Christmas, but I finally said what's the point, & haven't seen him since the end of November. But he still wants me around. Wants to be affectionate and everything kissing me on the forehead & holding hands, then the next day it's back to nothing.

Why not move on with a new girl who he can have more of a casual relationship with and wants the same things? I need more stability that he can't give.


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  • You're text?

    • You know what I mean. Ex

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