Should I message my ex girlfriend or wait for her to contract me first?

so for the last 3 months my ex-has been staring at me whenever i go shopping at her job.. which happens to be the cheapest supermarts in My town so that's why i go there twice a month. since then i have been thinking maybe this is a chance to get some closure or maybe be friends and find out what it is i been looking for? however, am debating on whether or not i should message my ex on Skype or wait for her too spoke to me first since most girls won't start a conversation first, plus there is the fact my friend made me look like a creep. so pretty what happened was i ask my friend to message my ex girlfriend on my behalf 17 months ago but then told her less then a min later to just deleted my ex that if its meant to be it will happen on its on. i won't go into details but let's just say this friend can't seem to keep her mouth shut or to stay out of things even through i keep telling her not to tell me anything or to block my ex if she isn't friends with her. so should i message my ex GF? we both are in a happy relationship with new people. sorry for any spelling mistakes or if i sound confused


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  • If you want to talk to her, do it. If you don't, don't. Simple.

    • How is it simple?

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    • It's understandable, just remember to not be too pushy and give her any space she needs.

    • Yes I learned that 17months ago which is why am giving her space now n pretty much felt like she most come to me now I already did all I can. I told my friend this as will but he wouldn't listen to me after being on n off with his ex for 1 year she won't speak to him anymore at all n says she will call the cops. So truest me I known

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  • I fail to see why you need closure in the first place. I fail to see why anyone feels a need to be friends with every person they cross paths with in life. You need to forget her and move on. If you are worried about an awkward moment at the store, you are not required to say anything. All you need to do is simply smile and go about your business.

    • Simple she had a lasting impact the n my life and it isn't just one awkward movement this happens all the time.

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    • So you have a new girlfriend now, and you still can't over this other girl from almost 2 years ago? Good job making your new girlfriend feel like shit and only second best! I bet she loves how you feel the need to seek "closure" and want to be friends with her. Let me tell you something; your current girlfriend doesn't give two shits about her! She doesn't want you to be friends with her. She doesn't want you to be seeking "closure" with her. Your current girlfriend is who you should be focusing on. Not only that, but you need to respect her new relationship as well. Her boyfriend also doesn't want you poking your nose into her business anymore. You can't get over her because deep down you still want her and want to retry again. You are nothing but a girlfriend stealer and you don't care about or respect her relationship or even your own! Again, drop it, forget and move on! Love and respect your current girlfriend and give her 100% of your undivided attention, not this moping crap!

    • Lol my current girlfriend says it should be friends with her byebye

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