Why is it that everygirl I talk to ends up being a hoe in the end?

I was talking to this girl for awhile and shit I liked her but later on she ended hooking up with one of my homies she tried to apologize but I knew she didn't mean it any help for me


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  • try to go for the kind of girls you haven't before like if these girls are quiet and blonde go for a loud brunette and honestly this day and age most girls are just hoez


What Guys Said 1

  • Being you are speaking like you are in the ghetto, I can understand... you are running with a lower class of people that only think sex is entertainment.. you need to be a higher lass person and run with a higher class of people.

    • why are you making this about how I talk there is no such thing as speaking ghetto its called slang learn it and also I dont look for sex lmfao Id rather be tied down to one girl than be out hunting for pussy so honestly this reply is retarted plus you're 45 tf Im 20 and Ill admit I got learning to do but saying I need to fuck with high class people is basically saying hey stop being who you are and act like a rich ass hole

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