Is it wrong to want a 2nd chance with someone whether its dating them again or a chance at being friends?

So I haven't spoke to my friend for almost 2 years.. dating killed our friendship after her parents focused her to stop speaking to break me. Is it wrong for me to still want anything to do with her after so much time has passed? And no am not waiting on her am focusing on my life & goals.


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  • what is done it's done. even if you have a second chance nothing will be change. you can not take a shower with the same water. All the best!

    • What makes you say this? I got q few friends who are happy married to a ex after giving it another go. So I do think you can shower in the same water more then once. But if your giving a 2nd chance to someone who abuse you or you dating on n off why would it work out?

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    • Am sorry he sounds like a ass

    • yes he was 😁 but I am glad to him. he made me gained a lot of things.

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  • Do you not have enough other friends?


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