Should I cut my hair like everyone says I should or grow it back out?

So am black with very very curly hair I use to have a afro that was 9-13 inch long but I cut it for a job.. Then find out I didn't really need to. My hair is now 3-4 inch long which is very long. Everyone says I look better with short hair which is honesty true but I hate having short her for a number of reason. Here is a list of reason why I like long her vs short hair.
1. I like playing with my own hair.
2. I helps me not look like every other guy out there or like my dad.
3. My dad has zero hair on his head so I wanna enjoy mine while I still can. Does anyone have any advice for me?


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  • If you like your hair long keep it long. There are a lot of good ways to style your hair that still look good on a black guy.

    • Like what?

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    • you could try does haristyles. there's a lot of guys out there that work that style, it depends what you feel comfortable with because dreads are a full time commitment

    • Yes that's why I don't want dreads my bro has then n from what I see its like having a 2nd job

  • If you like it long then you should totally grow it out, it's a cool look actually, I think it is anyway

  • I like short hair but go with what you like


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