When people say that they have "fallen out of love" were they really in love in the first place?

  • Probably not, usually it's just lust or infatuation that they were feeling not love
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  • Probably, it is fairly common to stop loving someone after you've fallen in love.
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  • No, there is no such thing as falling out of love. Real love is eternal.
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  • Yes, love will always eventually fade.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Its possible love is love no matter what... love is not ALWAYS forever. and you will never be in love just one time. but you will find the one love that lasts forever. but that doesn't mean they werent in love before. so yes if someone has fallen out of love, then yes the were really in love in the beginning.

    • If the love that lasts forever is the same love as the ones that didn't last what exactly makes it last?

    • No one knows. i have been woth my fiancee for almost three years and i love her... but we fight and bicker and argue every day. but we still hug and kiss and say we love one another. No one knows what makes love last... everyone has a different idea but no one knows the real answer... chemicals... magic... magnetism? who knows.

    • but i have been in love before and have been happier in other relationships but the one i am in is my longest yet. and though its a tough relationship i can't see myself with anyone else.

Most Helpful Girl

  • For me... I'll try to explain the best way I can.

    I always learnt that falling in love you can't control but staying in love (ie putting in the effort etc to be with your partner and make a life together no matter good days or bad and working 50/50 so you're both happy) is a choice. A choice that not many people are willing to do these days.

    It's all about oh you had a fight? Better leave. Oh you're unhappy for a few weeks due to life circumstances in your relationship? Better leave. Oh that guy/girl over there looks like they'd be a much better partner than what you have already? Leave.. you'll get someone else but you'll keep having the same problems because you didn't stick around to work it out...

    relationships should only ever truly end when bad days out number the good.


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  • There is a certain time period in relationships where the person you are dating will seem perfect. If that point ends and you suddenly do not want this person and what ever flaws they had than you were never in love. If you have been with this person for a while and tried your best to make things work but you just drifted apart, then yes.

  • I've been told by a lot of elders that have been maried 20-60 years that a real healthy marriage is a choice that you will fall in and out of love and you have to choose... I think its romantic

  • It is possible to fall out of love, if a dark secret its revealed or if a person finds something that he/she does not approve of about the other person. Falling out of love can be as drastic as falling in love.

    • If they didn't know about that secret were they really in love with the person themselves or were they just in love with the false representation of that person.

    • Well they were in love with the false representation of that person. There's a saying that goes,

      I'm not crying because of you, you're not worth it, I'm crying because of my delusion of who you were was shattered by the truth of who you are.

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