Would you leave someone if all they had to offer was love?

My boyfriend and Iare in a long distance relationship, and recently in a Skype call he asked me why I love him, so I told him some of the reasons. So then I asked him, and he said "you make me feel loved and needed"

The thing is, when he told me he loved me he was in a very vulnerable state, and I was the only pwrson who was nice to him and listened to him and tried to help him. Because of where he is in life currently, he never gets to meet new people, and it just got me worried that if someone else fell in love with him and made him feel loved, would he leave me for them?

I'm not an attractive, smart, or interesting person. Im fat, failing college, and have no friends. No one has ever taken intrest in me before, and before meeting him I taught myself to be content with being single forever. He's charming, extremely smart, and the kindest most thoughtful man I have ever met.

I'm trying to become more attractive, smart, and interesting, but I'm still worried that if all I have to offer him is love, there are a million better people who can offer him that and more :(

So, what do you think? Is feeling loved enough for you to be in a relationship?


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  • If you love him then yes. The worst thing you can do is doubt it, that never ends good. If your just online, it would be a good idea to make sure you guys have an idea of how you can actually meet in person.

    • we met in person for a day, and we're planning to meet again soon for longer. He seems to have been happy, I sure was. But I just hope he'll always feel that way

  • If your really in love thats all you need


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