Why is my ex telling me that he is going on a date?

My ex and I were had an on/off relationship. Eventually we broke up but kept in contact as friends. I told him why it would work out. He then had told me that I treated him like a lap dog. Since then I ignored him when he would I'm me. But a week later he sent me a message to ask how I was doing and decided to politely reply back and suddenly he now tells me he is going on a date? What is it with him?

It turn out that the date was canceled. Was there really a date?


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  • Ex's can be cruel. Maybe there are leftover feelings, maybe there is some desire to regain some semblance of control, who really knows. BUT any real FRIEND would know what can and will hurt you, and by telling you this he is trying to get a reaction from you. Could be jealousy, could be anger, could be trying to rekindle things, who knows. I don't have enough information to tell you why.

    My ex is, well was, doing the same thing to me only a few days ago. We had tried to retain a friendship and had been struggling with it for about a month. She was the one who broke up with me and had no feelings left while I was left blindsided and in love with her, desperate to keep her in my life for as long as possible. Then she started telling me her sexual exploits and guys she's been flirting with. It boggled my mind why she would tell me these things, a friend should know what is off-limits. So I learned the hardway that unless both members of a broken relationship have NO feelings left whatsoever, friendship between ex's is impossible. (And even still, current relationships should always be off the table in conversations)

    • It turns out the date was cancelled. Was there really a date?

    • It doesn't matter if there was a date. In fact, let's just assume that he was nice enough to tell you the truth about it being cancelled and leave it at that. You don't want to know the truth, you don't even want to let it begin to get to you. Do your best to occupy your mind with other things. Knowing the truth and continue to inquire about what may or may not have happened will only hurt you.

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  • Trying to make you jealous. Or p*ssed off. Either way he want's a reaction. Sadly he's not over you...

    but in a very low chance if I'm wrong, maybe he's trying to let you in his life like he would with a friend, for I tell my friends when I'm going on a date. It just depends on when he said it and how that I can say for sure what his true intentions were.


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