Why do we allow ourselves to conform to sterotypes?

It seems like everyone is striving for independence from the conformity machine, and yet we all still fall into cliques and follow the according cliches. why do we contradict ourselves?


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  • I know I don't conform cause I buy my stuff at American Apparel and shoot real movies on REAL FILM and I listen to obscure bands you've probably never heard of, so I'm never in cliques or cliches (arent those the same things anyway?) I'm pretty sure it's just you who's mainstream, so go cry to somebody who cares, sell-out.

    • Wow, that's a really interesting perspective. you wanna go out sometime?

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    • Yeah thursday at 7 outside the wendy's on main bring all the coke you have

    • Alright, but you'd better be hot

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  • Same reason so many people are anonymous here; people are deep down scared of nonconformity. Sure they SAY they want to break away from that, but look here. Even though the talk here is mostly harmless almost everyone is anonymous!.

  • Sometimes for some people its just easier to conform, and for others its easier to do something else. I for one get sick and damn tired of defending things that others fight so hard to destroy. It gets to be a pain


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