Breaking up still living together?

My situation is complicated from everyone I have asked advice from. My boyfriend broke up with me almost 2 months ago. we had gotten in a agrument over something very stupid he was acting very strange and i asked if he just didn't want to be with me then he flipped out and said yes and no then said no and broke up with me. we have been together for 2 years we had another breakup 7 months ago and got back together after 2 months. We still sleep in the same bed and and cuddle at night. we hold hands and i kiss him once in a while. we still visit m family together but don't really hang out outside of that. I am very confused as to what he wants because we still do couple things once in a while. I told him that i miss him and he said he misses m too. he also says he wants to be with me but he's just scared we are going to go back to arguing all the time if we get back together right now. he says he needs to know that things will be different before we/if we get back together. He says he wants to be together but he's just not 100% about us yet and until that happens he =s not going to do something that he thinks won't work. so for now he doesn't want to be together, The entire situation is just so confusing. we haven't made love since this has happened neither one of us are talking to anyone else. I asked him if he thinks we will get back together and he says he doesn't know and that he can't answer that. But at the end of the day i think he will know what he wants. He says he wants to stop talking about us and our relationship and i know that needs to happen. Our lease is up in 7 months this can't keep being like this for 7 months. eveythime i ask him to just be with me and trust me he says we will see or maybe. Im not sure what to believe or think by all of this. What should i do?


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