I don't know if I should break up with him?

He's in grade 12 and I'm in grade 11. We've been together for half a year so far and he's going off to Uni in a couple of months. I asked him one day "do you think this could work?" over Skype and he answered with "I don't know babe", which got me very anxious. He's super kind, loyal, and is never one to start arguments in our relationship. However, sometimes I feel like I'm too overly emotional for him because he always gets uncomfortable about heavy topics like him moving away, long distance relationships, and other things. I really don't wanna think I'm just someone he's fucking around with before he moves away because I can see that the love in our relationship is genuine and mutual. I want to live in the moment like he does but I can't help but look ahead at the future and see if this is something that could really last. I know y'all are gonna tell me to "take the relationship and see where it goes" but I'm dating him because I see a potential future with him, not because I want to "gain dating experience" or simply just to have fun.

If it helps, this is my first real relationship and I'm 16 going 17.

Also, the Uni I'm planning on going to next year is near his and that's another reason why I think this could work lol


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  • if he's ever returning and if you are looking forward to stay with him for your whole life and spending it with him then, no you shouldn't break up with him. if you have got no feelings for him then you can just break up and move on, find someone else.


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