Husband left for another women but doesn't want to get divorce?

So my husband left me on Dec 15th 2016 He led me on to believe things could work for at least a month until he told me about the other women. Its been 3 months now and we are both with different people. He said he wanted a divorce but when I have his mom ask him about it (he can't stay cordial) he says why is she pushing for something I don't want? If she wants it that badly I'll pay half. Which doesn't make sense to Me since he's the one that left me?


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What Guys Said 2

  • Tell him to get stuffed, and you WANT a divorce. Get yourself totally free to be with the real guy you have, that will appreciate you in the way you should be.

  • I could never forget a genius women in your situation who rationalized it as "Well, it means he still loves me!".


    • I never said that's what I thought

    • Where did you see me say you had said you thought that?

      no time to read, but plenty of time to reply, cool.

What Girls Said 1

  • Divorce him lmfao
    He can't force you to stay in a marriage you're not happy in. And he's clearly not happy either. He just doesn't wanna end up with divorce payments.


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