Mad after she bailed on me?

my ex girlfriend contacted me first, we made small talk, mainly i stayed in no contact.
i called her and she picked up really fast lol agreed to a coffee, we planned a day.
the day comes, i dont hear from her, so i took it as she wasn't interested nor cared lol. i went out that weekend had tons of fun. she messaged me saying sorry she went mia on me blah blah blah, asked me how i was doing i responded to how i was doing, next text i get is she's annoyed and thinks im playing games with her becuase i didn't fall to my knees like a wussie and suck up , told her my time is more valuable to me, why would she be annoyed or pissed if she didn't make any effort, after all she broke up with me, and started to text me again?


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  • Yeah she is your ex, move on


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