Girls, Breakup advice ! I want her back?

Basically I was dating a girl for 6 months. Things were amazing until the past month. We had a couple fights but worked through them. I'll start by saying we probably saw each other way too much in the beginning which is what led to the small fights. We just broke up about 2 weeks ago because of me. She was at a friends but certain circumstances made me not believe her, and I basically told her we should cut things off because I don't believe she is where she is at. She instantly proved me wrong, and I look like a idiot and we broke up the next day. She said we need time apart etc etc. Now in these circumstances I know where all the mistakes were made that led up to this and I want her back. Insecurity and trust issues with past relationships is what made me act on impulse and then get proved wrong. How do I go about getting back with her? I know I ruined things at the end but i really did love her and I want to be with her.
I can't be mad at her for breaking up with me because I know where I went wrong in all aspects. But how do I go about getting her back and getting another chance to prove I can fix things?


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  • So if I was your ex girlfriend and you contacted me and told me all of this. And made it seems genuine and sincere. I would consider taking you back. Only because, you didn't necessarily do anything horrible to her.
    Therefore, if you simply talk to her express to her your feelings. I think you have a chance. How long ago did you guys break?

    • 8 days now.

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    • What's actually funny is that she texted me tonight. I didn't say anything to her. She said "sorry didn't mean to look like a bitch when I didn't respond to you but I just needed space and have been sick" which is true.

    • Okay. If you think she's being honest and everything. Just give her space. Try the no contact rule. Give it about a week or so then try again. It's gonna be hard but this gives you more time to just kind of let it settle. Just try and go a week without contacting her and see how you feel after that

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