I want to know what really caused us to breakup because I can't seem to move on?

Ok so this guy that I really liked, and he said he REALLY LIKED ME, broke up about 3 weeks ago. We started going out around December 31st but we never did any of that usual "happy anniversary" stuff. We face timed every night, we talked and texted constantly over the phone. He was truly honestly my soul mate and made me feel a certain way no other guy has made me feel: like as if we had a real bondage connection. We related on so many levels, to the point where we thought there was incest going on because of how similar we looked and thought. They say actions speaks for how much you like someone and he spent over $120 to go to the fair to just see me for 2 hours and when I was sick he even stopped by and checked up on me at the nurses office. He did other small cringey gestures as well but I won't mention those. a few days before we broke up I was at the park and I met his sister for the first time, and I was smelling/looking like crap but she didn't mind. Him and I sneaked off and I had my first ever kiss with me. Obvisouly I was nervous but I was ok seeing how things were going with him. I'm a very awkward and hessistant person when it comes to these things so give me some time yo. I don't think he knew this stuff. After that night we would plan to meet during lunch more constantly (because he is a senior and was busy weeks prior and now had a lot more time). I got. Very nervous and spoke low during these times because I was nervous and really liked him to the point where I wanted to yell "I LOVE YOU" to him several times. People would tell me to break up with him because I really did care about school and stuff and well. he didn't. He one time said "I care more about social media than I do about school". Before we broke He went full on blast with a tongue kiss and this scared me and I pushed him because I was taken by surprise and pushed him back HARD. After that he started to say his mouth hurt and our hugs were more awkward and he grew more distant.


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  • he wants in your pants. tell him to wait until you are ready after hashing it out with your parents. do that before using social media to sort it out


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