I need to date more I don't know how to. Where do I meet guys?

i honestly don't know what my problem is. Im 26 and trust me I'm not cocky in person but I'd like the think I'm smart, nice, good job, from a successful family, good body and style (I'm always complimented on what I wear), in terms of looks I'd say I'm between average and above average. I've only had one my boyfriend we dated for several months and it ended a year ago. My main problem is I just don't meet guys or new people anymore since I graduated from college a few wars ago. I'm not a fan of online dating I find it awkward. I just don't know what to do. I feel like I'm a pretty good catch but I just can't find anyone and I'm scared my ex is the only guy which will ever like me which is why I still think I miss him so much. Any advice?
I'm not looking to get Married tomorrow but I feel I'm at my prime right now and need to someone put myself out there somehow.


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  • just gotta interact more and acknowledge let downs, untill you find someone genuinely for you. just go out n have experience but beware there's people are fake n just want sex. just go to more social events and yoh need to initiate convo etc

    • Do you think it's weird I've only been in 1 relationship? The thing is I don't know what social events to go to.

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    • Thing is I don't have a big social group anymore to go out and do things with. Most of my friends live in different cities now. And I hate the idea of online dating

    • just gotta be brave and start off on scratch. start slow there's no rush. pretty sure you'll run into a guy who want to ralk to you if you're more iniative

  • all I can say is to try and find d ways to get involved and get out of the house so that you can meet lots of potential matches.

    the other thing is to not be afraid to flirt a little, I can honestly say I would never have thought my current girlfriend of 3 years would have ever said yes to a date had she not initiated the flirting.

    and if you have a guy in particular in mind make sure you hint that you want to hang out with him. I would mention that you wanted to see this movie but your friends ditched you and you don't want to go alone. and most times he'll offer to take you and if not you could always ask if he'd like to go :)

    just try not to think about it too much and I know you'll be fine!


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