We broke up months ago. Do you think I have no chance by this text?

He texted me this after I asked how he was.

"i appreciate you. im very happy i had the pleasure of meeting you. i personally have only met 1 or 2 people as amazing as you. i hope you get everything you want in life, you deserve it and if karma is a real thing then you will for sure get everything you want!"

Im very sad.. it doesn't seem he wants to try again. What should I say?
I feel miserable
I feel like im being rejected all over again.
He texted me that after I offered my support


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  • It sounds as if he has let go of any lingering animosity, appreciates the experience for all that was good about it, but he doesn't seem to offer any hope that he would want to rekindle things.

    • Is it anything I could do?

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    • He said he is better

    • You could text him and say, "If you want me to get everything I want in life, you will give us a another chance as soon as you feel capable of loving and being loved."

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  • He's being nice about it so I wouldn't bother anymore or else he might say some really bad things to you that will hurt a lot more. Him letting you go is a sign that he's not the one for you. How can you want someone who doesn't want you back? I take this a positive thing because now you know what you need and you guys have broke it off in a respectful, peaceful way. keep it that way and try your very best to not linger on the pad girlfriend.


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  • He most definitely cares about you, but doesn't see your relationship working out. This is actually very nice closure to a relationship... (much better than fighting hatred etc.) He just hopes you'll be happy! It's best to move on ;;

  • it is hard but it is time to move on.


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