What are the chances?

My boyfriend legit broke up with me because his ex started texted him out of the blue. He said he doesn't think that he will not be able to not talk to her. And he was with his ex for like two ish months. But he tried to blame it on other things like not wanting anything serious but he was just telling me about how he sees us being together for a long time. And then he randomly breaks up with me. I talked to my friend earlier and she said that he thinks he wants a free pass to go bang his ex. But I don't know. Tell me your thoughts

Also, I am not as sad about the break as I thought I would be. Mainly because I believe that he is gonna come back. Which is sad I know. But tell me what are the chances of him actually coming back?


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  • I say your chance are as good if you do the same thing and text him out of the blue in two months.

    • Lol!!! You're probably right 😂

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