An expensive girl for ny crush?

i am an intern and so is he. as a farewell, i wanna give him an expensive watch, is that okay?


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  • why a watch? I wouldn't unless he has expressed that he likes watches. If you want to give him something that he can remember you by, I would give him something that would help him remember the time you two spent together.

    • because he once told me that my watch was good and unique. thats why u bought him a watch

    • oh then yes, that is totally fine.

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  • Well how much does he mean to you, has he done anything to deserve it


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  • If you two know eachother a bit than its okay to gift a watch but not an expensive one though. Such things are unusual and happen seldom.

    Also in one point this shows your affection towards him and also the expections on gifting a expensive thing !

    • what should i do then? can i just say it is cheap?

    • You can definitely gift him anything you want. Also gifts given to anyone with affection are priceless.

  • it's awesome to know what you are doing and most girls won't do. but still if you both are not in a relationship, don't gift an expensive watch. it puts the guy In pressure. you can go for normal range watch instead.


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