I know I should go but he's doing this again?

It's the second time my boyfriend told me he wasn't sure if he loved me , I threw him out of my house yesterday and today he's messaging me telling me he misses me and thinks he's made a mistake again , he on antidepressants and he's changed the medication again !! He's telling me he feels alone emotional and Sad , he says he might have rushed into ending things and he doesn't know why he's scared , we was together 7 months he's angry that I've told him I'm moving on and he says how can I move on so quickly? I told him he's taken my trust away I can't believe him anymore , he said he thinks he won't be fine with out me and he thinks he's going crazy !! I don't know what to do


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  • Dump him and never look back. Cut him completely and permanently out of your life and stop all forms of communication

    • He's hurt me so bad , his kids and mine get on and there upset about it , I feel I want to go and never see him again but I don't know why I feel so emotional and drained

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    • Your right my mother has told me to block him and keep away it's so hard but deep
      Down I know I need to

    • I'm sorry

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  • go away from him!
    Don't stay, go and find someone new, it isn't worth it


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