boyfriend texted me 3 days later to apologize?

I apologize if I hurt you.
he was an ass hole getting a rise out of me apparently cause he was bored or being a hater. Why 3 days


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  • He needed that much time to realize that he was wrong and that he should apologize.

    • Is that long?

    • It's not terribly long, but it's not short either.

    • Keys true I m pretty much damaged from this. Not just the 3 day message but yes we're not together

  • Sometimes it's hard for people to apologize. Took my husband 11 years to apologize

    • Was it over text? If so so freakig lame!
      Seriously I mean it blows me up?
      Why did it take 11 years to apologize did you forgive

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    • I want to mind kill him also. are you two together?

    • Yes, but it takes a lot of work. I tell you something though, never give a man time he isn't worth giving it to. If he hurt you once, he's likely to do it again. being an asshole on purpose is even worse.

      Disclaimer for men. Don't give a woman time she isn't worthy of.

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