How to make yourself not care anymore?

So the details of the breakup and what's occurred during the two months after it happened until now are very long and quite honestly painful to even think about. The cliff notes are: first love, year and a half together, I'm 24, for 2 months after the breakup she wanted to be friends and try and help me recover and still didn't feel bad telling me about her sexual exploits and dates.

I've finally had enough and cut off contact with her. So my question is, how can I get myself to not care about what she does, who she's with, where she is? I don't have that protective anger bubble to protect me, I find it almost impossible to get angry at her despite her sleeping around and dating in front of my face (why, I have no freaking idea). So how can I force myself to realize that she just won't be in my life anymore and get myself to just not give a rat's ass about her anymore?

I suppose I should add a few more details. I sort of tailored my life to be with her (bad move, but first love,i was naive). I am home now after graduating college and don't have any friends in the area at all. And her reason is she "fell out of love".
I've tried my best to draw closure, but I just couldn't get any from her. I feel like a fish floundering for water. But I'm trying my best to find things that I can enjoy for lengthy amounts of time, job searching can only occupy me so much. :(


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  • ok- think about all the cons she has and it's great you do not have to be with her anymore. You're stressing more than you have to.

  • Have you tried doing anything else besides telling yourself not to think about it? I'm talking about a proper, consistent distraction. Something like your friends and good conversation with them.

    It's hard to do that unless you feel like you have some closure. Do you feel like you have closure? Sometimes when you don't have that closure it's hard for you to stop thinking about your relationship and what happened. If you were together for a year, you deserve at least a brief explanation of why she wanted to leave. I think that's only fair...

    Best thing to do is to start searching for your distractions. Your friends can help you too. Eventually when you feel like you have that closure, you'll be comfortable enough to maybe start dating again.

    Best of luck :)


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