I am feeling stuck?

I really love my girlfriend, and our relationship.
We have been dating for a year now, however my previous relationship still seems to impact me. I was cheated on in a two year relationship after giving my all to a girl that I once loved. I now find it difficult in my relationship to put in so much effort because I'm scared that it will one day be unappreciated. Even though my girlfriend loves everything I do, and is incredibly happy the relationship. I just find it hard to love because in the back of my mind I'm scared of being broken again.. help?
I am over my ex girlfriend , it has been 4 years since, there are no feelings besides the strong ones I have for my girlfriend now.


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  • That is the risk with love though right? You give someone your love and sometimes it is rejected/betrayed. If what you truly desire is a great long term relationship, eventually you will have to allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable again, to give a relationship your all and to love again.

    Also, the root of this is distrust. You probably think, I trust her, now, but I'm not sure I trust future her to not break my heart. Which is completely unfair, who knows what she'll do in the future, perhaps you'll break her heart by not giving this your all.

  • Adopt a dog or cat.


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