He's looking at my snapchat story again?

So I dated this guy for a short time then it all went sh*t suddenly. I kinda put him face to face to his selfish behaviour and I guess he didn't like it and took it as drama when I really just wanted to communicate (and he's been the one talking about communication all the time and when I try he doesn't like it...).

Anyway so it got tensed between us and we stopped messaging each other and he stopped looking at my snapchat story (he would ALWAYS look at it). He is pretty busy with his work and was away for a while and we decided to talk about it when he'd be be back. But He actually couldn't make it and didn't tell me. I was out with some friends but was still waiting for him. So anyway, he let me know around 3am why he couldn't make it. I thought that was very rude from him to not have sent just a simple text to warn me so I decided to break up because I couldn't put up with his selfish behaviour anymore.

Although I knew him for a short time, the breakup is still painful. And we didn't talk since. But the weird thing is that he is looking at my snapchat story again (we broke up only like 2 days ago, and during that tensed period between us he wasn't looking at it).
And he only has like 5 friends on Snapchat.

Does that mean anything? He has a pretty big ego so I don't think he would ever tell me how he feels right now.


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  • Could be random

    • It could be random yes... But the thing is he is not a social media guy and I never saw him checking snapchat stories before. That's why I don't really know what to think of it...

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