10th day of no contact?

It's been ten days since I initiated no contact with my ex girlfriend who dumped me because she hadn't felt dated in months. We still love each other. She moved out last weekend and I miss her tremendously. Should I stay no contact or should I reach out? She is staying with her folks until she gets a new place so I'm not sure if I should wait until she has settled in or just send a simple how are you text


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  • Right now, you need to consider your own emotional health first... will reaching out to her ultimate undermine everything you've done?

    I know its hard... but it would be terrible if you caved and gave into the sweet talk and tears, only to end up hurt again in the end 😕...

    Stay strong, and be realistic. Good luck.

    • Trust me, I have been doing what is good for me. I just know she still loves me and I'm wondering how much time she needs to get her life together. Will she probably reach out to me?

    • She might... but it would be better for her to reach for you, than for you to reach for her...

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