What's more awkward, running into your ex or running into a friend of your ex?

I broke up with my ex about 5 months ago. I have yet to run into him -- not like yearning for it, but it's bound to happen eventually -- but I do often run into friends of his. It's been hella awkward every time. Anyways, which do you find more awkward?
  • Running into your ex
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  • Running into a friend of your ex
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  • his friends. The friends are awkward to begin with. when you see your ex it's always going to be awkward, but seeing his friends makes you feel awkward because they know him and see him all the time. typically when you see your ex you don't interact much. it's more of a hi bye thing. seeing his friends is awkward because you never know what to say.


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  • i find more awkard you because all complex events are made by you.


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