Why her presence still lingers around me she never loved me.. Will she ever get someone better than me?

NO. Cause I love her whether she ignores me.. Forgot me.. Breaking me down everyday.. But I still love her the most.
Will she ever come back?


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  • Every ex I ever had always ended up coming back to me. Whether it took days, months, or years. Dot here is always hope. Don't waste your time use this time to find yourself and do things that make you happy. It's gonna hurt but you'll be fine

    • I had never seen a reflection of me as a fine gentleman as a perfect person in her eyes every time I looked into them. .

  • You seem to really love her and I only hope for the best. My personal opinion is that although you love her, don't count on her coming back. It's a very harsh reality. She may come back and it will all be peachy but if it doesn't happen, I don't want to set you up for disappointment. I'm sure you have heard the 'it will get easier' from almost everyone, don't write it off. It will, one day, trust me, you will wake up and it won't hurt the same way. You are allowed to have a special place in your heart for her, even if she doesn't feel the same way.

    I'd take separation from her, take time out to yourself. DO NOT ISOLATE YOURSELF. Even if she doesn't love you, please do not be alone. Meet up with friends or possibly make a fresh start and talk to new people. It's hard, I know. The sooner you start fretting about her loving you, the sooner the pain will end.
    Although, it may seem like there is no one else if she didn't feel the same way it cannot be true love. Love is caring so much about someone and them having the same feelings.

    In summary,
    - She may love you, but would she really love you if she is putting you through this pain and making you feel this way?
    - Don't isolate yourself, spend time with friends

    • Exactly! Love is caring. At in the end of our lives we care about only two kinds of people.. The one we loved and the ones who loved us.

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    • I was a guy with surprises and wonders with all the magical powers I could show her to let her know that I am not in hurry for anything which let herself feel in that kind of way.. The truth is Racism.

    • The reason is she was afraid to love me.
      She was afraid of her parents.
      Afraid of our future.
      Afraid that my words can't fell into reality.
      Afraid of that what if something or someone better is waiting for me and this guy will ruin my freedom.

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  • well if you've been pushed out like I have then no. it depends on how much she's got it in for you determines her next choice of man its peak

    • Of course I want to see her NEXT choice of men. And how much he can give.

    • are you ready for that is the question

    • I let a smile on her face. Told that if you find someone better than me. Who can care for you more than he can love than forget me and marry with that guy. Because I was ready for this.

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