My ex boyfriend said he despises me, as hate is not a strong word to describe his feelings for me?

He broke my heart 3 months back played too many mind games after the break up. Accused me of things that I've never done. Made me feel like I am a failure. Anyway so I finally reached out after 3 months to clear the air and I was very sweet and nice in my message. He read and very rudely told me to move on. Then I didn't message and after 3 days he calls my friends to tell me to stop messaging him. I got really angry and vented out at him and could no longer take his shit he was giving me. I said some hurtful things he said many many hurtful things and in the end he said he despise me a lot and he has never hated anyone so much like he hates me. Why would he say that to me? He caused me hurt. Does he really hate me so much? He even blocked me. I am feeling so hurt right now he called me a failure, he abused me mentally..


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  • Don't listen to the hurtful things he says. From what you have written, I think he did it on purpose. You're definitely better off without him. He should not have said the things he did. I hope you'll feel better soon.


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