Would you believe your gf/bf's ex?

I dated this guy a long time ago. I don't trust him as a person. I never call or text him unless he does it first.

The problem is that he's too much of a flirt. I know his girlfriend, and she's such a sweetheart. But it wouldn't surprise me if he's cheating on her, but I don't know what he does. I just know he doesn't talk to me like someone who has a girlfriend.

Would you believe it if your boyfriend or girlfriend's ex told you he's straying? He and I dated 2 years ago. It's not my place to say anything so I won't. But he really is a complete d***.


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  • Would I believe an ex? It depends on the details.

    In your case, if you simply approach her and say "I don't have any proof but I think your boyfriend may be straying" then I wouldn't expect her to believe you. There are no specifics and it makes you look jealous and spiteful.

    At the end of the day you shouldn't concern yourself with this matter as you're not part of the equation, you dated him 2 years ago and she's not a good friend of yours. Let people live their lives and worry about you own.

    • Lol I know her more than I know him so I feel like my loyalty is to her. And I wouldn't say that he's straying. I'd say not to trust him because of all the stuff he's said to me.

    • But I get what you're saying. I won't say anything but it sucks because she deserves a lot better. :-X

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