haven't talked in almost a week after an argument (LDR)?

We fought on last week because I brought up a fight we had before and how I dont like the way he talks to me when he's angry. He cusses and says some really mean things when we fight sometimes, thats why. Then he said "why were we fighting in the first place?" And i say "no matter what we were fighting about we shouldn't be talking like that to each other when mad." Then he gets really angry again and says im controlling and that i forced him in to the relationship because during the beginning i'd always ask "what are we?" And he couldnt answer and eventually said I was his girlfriend. That was a year ago and hestill brings that up. I dont know what to do. He's in the military and is in school right now, I have his car and some of his important documents at my house. I broke up with him after he said "dont talk to me." And then i took it back cause i didn't mean it. The next day i messaged him again like normal, everything was left on seen. I stopped messaging after that. I dont know what to do.. any advice? :/


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  • I am in a long distance relationship and me and my girlfriend have had our fair share of arguments. I don't think not talking is healthy. LDR is anyway tough, you are making it tougher by not speaking to each other. Whenever me and my girlfriend argued, we'll make up within the same day. At worst, the next day.
    Only you guys know whether your relationship is worth it. Don't listen to anyone else.
    I don't have a solution to your problem. But I'll still suggest you to talk it out. But don't nag on it. Don't worry about it. And be honest with each other.


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  • Walk away he's toxic for you because he probably wasn't ready for a relationship so now he's resentful and takes it out on you in arguements. If he can't respect you he shouldn't be your priority and it will suck but at this points if you asked him not to do something than he may love you and care but nowhere enough. Just dont think about it plus when he texts you give him a dose of his own medicine and ignore him.


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