I'm really tempted to contact him now. But I don't want to!!! Help?

Me and my ex broke up after 2 and a half years together as he moved abroad for a year for his college course. We had split up previously as he clearly got too self absorbed and excited about this new adventure - understandable, but I wasn't standing for it. We sorted things and everything was fine, we spent Christmas together. He went back after Christmas and things went rocky again, I thought booking a trip over to see him would fix things and give us something to look forward to, so I did, but I couldn't take things much longer so I ended things. He didn't care, wasn't upset or showed no signs of wanting to keep me, so I think his plan was to drive me to end things so I looked like the bad one. I wasn't bitter, it was quite calm, I basically said I wasn't happy and I deserved better and his priorities have changed now. I have been fine since, mainly because I expected this to happen.

It's been two months of no contact and it's getting to a point where I want to get in contact/vice Versa but I don't want to. I miss the company and the person I met, but not the person he is now. I was surprised he didn't wish me a happy 21st birthday as we didn't end on bad terms, it was mutual. I wish him all the best but it's just sad as I really thought we had something special.

He's home in June, reckon he will get in touch? I think it hasn't hit him yet as he's having fun abroad and when he gets home he'll feel it.


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  • I think you've just grown apart. Although it's okay to be selfish especially in the formative years of early adult hood. I think if he saw a future with you he would have made an effort to keep you in his life.
    I don't think you should contact him. I've been there trying to make it work in a situation that isn't right. You can't force love. You can't force someone to treat you the way you want to be treated. But you can make them wish they did.
    Take all that energy angry and sadness and channel it into you. Move on be successful and happy. But don't be the sure think waiting for him when he strolls into town and see fit to reach out.

    • Thanks very much that's just what I needed to hear. It's a tough situation! Helpful coming from someone who's been through it!

    • Your welcome. Glad I could help!

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