Pls help... wants to break up with bf?

Though I really love him but his total careless attitude hurting me badly. I wnt to live happy and this relationship is very toxic. I never gone through breakup and this feeling of alone again is horrifying. Note: Dating and approaching someone is still not tht much common in my country. I dnt wnt to fall into another relationship again but m so much attached to my boyfriend tht no contact rule scared the hell out of me. I feel devasted in this relation but truly luv the guy. But no other option than to break free. How will I handle healing process? Thinking about it brings tears in my eyes...


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  • make something you love your weapon! for example when in stress or feeling lonely or going through depression, I find music, gaming and other entertainment stuff to chill myself out. had a case just like you and worked 100% hope this helps. note: don't listen to any heart breaking music


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  • if no kids..."get out and find someone who is going to be able to love you "
    kids..."be sure of a plan for getting life going with or without anyone"

    the truth is that some people aren't going to change and you can talk to him about your feelings and how you feel and he's either going to respect that or or not. you know to do you don't need someone else telling me you are have the answer



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