The up and downs of us, is there a chance?

I have still been seeing my ex since our breakup. It has almost been a year. There was a lot going on in his life when the breakup happened and I believe it played a role. anyway like I said we have been seeing each other still. We do still have sex also. I know bad. He is now a director at his one job and is working other places as well. He had that position last year but now this yea is the director. We still get along great, joke around and have fun. he has been great with texting too. We can just hang and watch tv etc. I still believe something is there. When I saw him the other day he was talking about this new position and said he gave up a lot last year for the position. He talked about when he passes my house frequently to go to a job he sometimes sees my car there or not and that I might not be home. He said I don't know if your on a date or what although its non of my business. We talked about my birthday making plans and he invited me next weekend to a casino with some of his family for the night. Not sure if this is a good sign or what. I still believe there is something there but I'm not sure. I really do still love him although its crazy
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What Guys Said 2

  • Why don't you like... ask him to be together again or ask him "what are we"?

  • Why did you break up? Sounds like you're both attached still.

    • You know, I still can't really wrap my head around it bc we both were so great together and everyone saw it. He was going through a lot at the time with stuff and basically shut down from everyone and everything and then basically told me he did not feel like we were growing closer when before any of that happened he told me ow happy he was with me and how he fell more and more into me everyday. Like I said before above the other night he mentioned he gave up a lot for the job, so I'm wondering if I was one of them. I hope to get back with him or something works because it does still seem like something is there although I don't see him a lot when I do you can def tell just by body language and wording

What Girls Said 1

  • You two obviously love each other, and it's very strange that you two don't talk about you feelings. Like, it's been a year after you two broke up? Just have the talk and come to a conclusion instead of feeling confused or worried about it, carajo


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