My girlfriend broke up with me what do I do ?

Me and my girl (ex) been trying to get things started again, but she left me because she saw messages from this girl I was close from January before me and her started talking again the messages are shady but they're just messages I never had anything with the girl, it makes it seem like I had a thing with her and she think I fooled her with her, I have tried talking to her but she just says " I don't care anymore" and doesn't give me a chance to talk to her good and explain that those message were before me and her started talking, what should I do?


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  • Wait, messages usually have time stamps on them or at least the date. Just show her the date that it happened when you were single and you didn't cheat on her. Also, in the future, you might want to remove such messages/contacts of such questionable individuals from your phone when you're in a serious relationship, it's like the digital equivalent of getting rid of the little black book when you're dating someone. So it kind of depends on how pissed off at you she is. If she really doesn't care anymore then there's not much you can do. If she does still care, give her some time to calm down and then try to explain your side (show the time stamps!) ask her what you can do to get her to trust you again.

    • I deleted everything and blocked the girl :(, but she saw the date of the messages hopefully I she can cool down a but in the future so I can talk

    • thank you !

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  • Give her time. At least wait a week then try to talk to her over it again.

    • thanks, that sounds like a great idea

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    • She's an angel, sweetest person, she was finally giving me a shot and she was taking me serious, see she saw her comment on one of my pictures and she started assuming #$%$ I went over the next day and I told. her I'm going to prove it to her so I called the girl she thought I had a thing with and this girl is a flirt she sucked a lot of #$%$ and she's proud of it, so she answers with "hey babe" and she was on speaker she started crying and left I went after her and I told the girl if we ever had Something and her hoeass said yes but she was messing around my girl heard and hung up she was telling me to leave that I hurt her & she was listening to me that I never had nothing with her which I didn't

    • she's a hoe the whole school knows it, then she went threw the messages from January 28 which I was single I wasn't talking to no one the messages were shady it consisted of her calling me "papi" "babe" and she asked me for nudes & me as a counter said the same thing back and she saw and went again to not believing me, and now she doesn't want nothing to do with me because she thinks I cheated on her, when I didn't those messages were from two months ago when I wasn't talking to her, sorry I this is so long but please help I really love her

  • Forget her insanity and date someone else.

    • but I made her insanity, if it weren't for what I did when we broke up in the first place she wouldn't have trust issues with me

    • What-f...-ever, it's not working, you can't communicate, she's mad about some BS, do you really need this drama queen in your life?

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