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Had a nasty falling out with an ex.. long story short I kicked him out and back to his parents house. He ended up calling my mother the day after to see how I was. He talked to mutual friends and told them he still loves me but when I would talk to him. He would get hostile. Recently I found out I am 4 months pregnant. I had talked to him once before in which he explained he missed me but he wanted to focus on himself and such. But that he didn't want contact for the time being as he wanted to be alone. He ended up unblocking my main account and blocked my. back up account on facebook. Last Sunday I ended up messaging his sister to tell her of the pregnancy and he messaged me agreed to be in the kids life but then argued with me for half the day because I didn't answer him back right away. Once we said what we needed to he basically told me I had his head and his heart. I'm unsure what he means by that statement.


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  • Forgetting the social media, are you pregnant for him? if you are, you gotta make this work.
    most men are clueless in relationships... it takes the woman to make one. Sadly women only destroy it, though they claim they know what they are doing. its not about you guys anymore, its about the budding child. so you gotta come to a mid ground.

    • It's difficult I'm unsure how to approach him without him getting angry and lashing out. I've asked for him to give it a try for the kid when he was ready. And he lashed out said he couldn't be with me or anyone again that he wanted to be alone. He couldn't love me again. I told him he was acting like I said for him to try now when I said to try when he was ready. He sent f*** my feelings I have his head and heart.. so I'm unsure if he's just still upset about the breakup but he's saying he still cares or I'm not sure. It's difficult I don't know what he means all I can do is give him space to deal with his anger.

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    • So he wasn't saying he cares but yeah thank you for your advice

    • ... welcome.

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