Is the economy and the cost of living a factor in today's failing relationships/ marriages?

We all know the economy isn't great right now. Depending on where you live rent can be pretty high. Where I live unless you have a really good job most people cannot afford rent on their own. You can choose to have roommates though many people prefer to live with a significant other. Is the need to afford a place to live forcing couples to move in together before they ready or before they even know if they are suitable together? I've seen a number of my friends move in with their boyfriends or girlfriends after only 1-3 months of dating and then having it go sour down the road. I've seen them have kids, get married, get separated, get back together, and so forth. I wonder if any of this would have happened had they not moved so fast.


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  • No, failing marriages and relationships have always occurred. People have seemed to jump into relationships and having children prematurely for a long time. However, the down turn in the economy may play a factor in more people living together.

    • Of course. I'm not saying failing marriage and relationships are a new thing. Just like if young couples shacking up too soon is a factor these days.

  • That, plus weakening family and friendship bonds.


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  • No. It's an excuse!

    We already know why people move in without being married and that's premarital sex. This has to do with exactly that. If sex wasn't in the picture and waited for marriage for all of that, things wouldn't have been what it been. Finances are hardly the issue. They say it, but anybody can make the decision to not jump into something with somebody they don't personally know still. Moving in 1-3 months just shows what they're all about: sex. They love the drama and play house. Even if they waited about year, it wouldn't have made the difference except that they had more than enough time to think about their choices. Selfishness is what breaks down relationships. Premarital sexual relations helps fuels it.

    • You can have sex and not live together.

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    • *blatant not latent.

    • Just so you know. I'm likely not going to respond to you anymore. There's not a whole lot left to say other than maybe trying to reason if you come up with another nonsensical and biased statement. I'm not sure if anything I said will even register with you. The fact that you came here and tried to derail things and you repeatedly made assumptions about me and what I mean in my responses to you tells me how stuck you are in your own beliefs. Which seems to be very black and white. And you're 'entitled' to them.


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