My crush hates me?

I proposed to her. She responded by saying that we were just good friends and she doesn't wants to be in a relationship. So I tried to remain friends with her but one day she blocked me on all social sites and told me to never text her back.
Can someone please tell me what might have happened?


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  • You proposed marriage?

    • No, but I am willing to marry her, and have a future with her. The problem is that she doesn't understands and thinks I am just another guy who is doing it to pass time.

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    • I just can't get over her
      She just destroyed my soul

    • Any ideas what about what should I do to might get her back in my life, might as a friend

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  • she probably knows that a friendship like that will only hurt you more the longer it goes on and she wanted to do damage control. yes it wouldve been better if she said this directly and explained this but I think most girls dont have the courage to do that (no offense to girls)

    • Maybe let's hope it is the reason, she actually told me that it is only a waste of time to engage in relationships

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    • Well all I can do is hope
      Is it normal to have like your blood pressure being down
      Your blood count being down
      Eyes blacking out, I was in the hospital for 3 days because of her refusing my proposal
      Is it normal or am I taking it more seriously than I should

    • I told my parents that it is because of a head ache
      Never told anyone
      Any way thanks
      She is my queen
      I hope she understands it

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  • You can't just go around proposing to people.

    • She was the first girl that I ever had feelings for, not just a random girl on the street

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  • You scared her off bro, you can't just propose like out of the blue when she's only a crush. Don't you think you skipped a few steps

    • Well I think I will just die inside for rest of my life

    • My problem isn't that she said no, it's her choice and I respect that but I will regret living for the rest of my life knowing that the only girl I loved hates me and thinks I am a bad person.

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