Is it really that hard to move on?

I've been out of a committed relationship for quite sometime now. After 3 years together we broke up because of her cheating and lying. She hit me with "I could trust" shed never do that and I believed her. Then she did do all of that and I never forgave or forgot. Anyway, point is we broke up in 2010 and its been 7 long years. Since then I've tried to date but it never lasts long because something just triggers me. I feel like the person is lying (even if its minor) or do something behind my back. I feel uneasy and then I end things before it goes too far... is it that hard to really move on? or am I just not learning how to let go of the past?


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  • It's definitely hard to let go of things that have hurt in the past. I think you have to be cognizant of what upsets you and remind yourself it's your issue and not to take it out on the new person. Best of luck

    • Definitely agree. I've realized how unfair it is to the person to take it out on them. Hence why I blame myself when I do end a new relationship. it may be cliche to say "it isn't you, its me" but that's the truth. it is me and I'm able to realize that. just seems like a hard cyle to break. thank you though.

    • I've been guilty of it as well so I totally get it! Maybe take a little time off dating and work on other things. :)

  • Moving onto someone you'll get over it


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