Crying in front of an ex during break up- it normal?

The day my ex broke up with me I cried in front of him (broke up a year ago). We were together 5 months. I feel so embarrassed because I hate being so my vulnerable. The next month we met up and at the end of th being I got emotional (not crying but teary- lots of booze was also involved). We went 5 months complete NC then we met up in October and everything was fine and chill just like old times. Is it normal that I cried? I just hate how I teared in front of him a month later. I can't keep thinking.


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  • it happens.. don't beat yourself up.. you're not the only one this has happened to

    • But I feel stupid cause I teared up again in front of him a month ago. Our last meet up though was normal and chill

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    • So you don't think he looks at me in a Lower regard because of it?

    • duck his opinion... it's wrong anyway isn't it? What matters is you and your opinions

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  • I think (and I hope) that's normal. I cried in front of my ex when he broke up with me too and when I look back on it, I can't believe I did because we're cool and okay now.

    • But I did it a month later too. I hate myself for that

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    • You're right. I just don't want him to look at me in a Lower regard

    • We haven't hung out since October. And I texted him happy bday in November. Our hangout went well in October and wasn't awkward. Why do you think I haven't heard froM
      Him since?

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  • normal

    • But I tested up in front of him a month later too.

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    • I guess. I just hate dating. With my ex it was easier cause we were friends first

    • How's it going

  • Yes, your fine


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