My ex boyfriend still care for me or is he just lonely?

He contacted me in September when he broke up with me in May. He gave me several different reasons why he ended it, but the most hurtful and honest one he said was "I just don't feel the same about you anymore". he contacted me again in December and every time he contacts me he says "just checking in to say how ur doing." I told him several times politely that I've moved on and am dating someone else now and I don't see the point in keeping touch. He clearly didn't get that message when he messaged me again last week and started asking me about school. He ended up telling me he regrets his decision and still thinks about me and misses me and wants to take me out this weekend to talk things over. I declined telling him I still have a boyfriend and so on. My question is, do you think he is just being selfish and is lonely or does he really want me back because he has feelings for me? I just feel like this is all on his Terms and isn't necessarily thinking of what I want


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  • Avoid contacting him before it gets in the way of your relationship


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