Why am I tripping over him if he was a jerk?

We ended on a terrible note. Literally. We had a disagreement and I walked off mad while he was talking. I never looked back at him. He never came after me. I blocked him so there's no way he could reach me. It's been some time now and even though he wasn't the sweetest guy in the world (he was a jerk most of the times) I'm starting to want closure. A part of me is saying to unblock him just to get closure while the other part of me is saying to forget closure and just move on. I would've much rather if the last time we spoke it was a convo where we apologize to each other and agree that it wasn't gonna work (our situationship that is) It's like always at the back of my mind about how terrible things ended.


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  • What was the disagreement about and why did you react in that way?

    • He didn't want to put in any effort and he was starting to treat me worst and worst. I reacted that way because I was tired of almost begging him to put in a little more effort.

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    • This is just what I need to hear. I'll just have to get over "wanting closure" and just keep it moving.

    • Yes, move on and look for a young man who will love you.
      He, obviously, did not.
      Put it down to life experience.

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  • Do you regret breaking up? It seems like you miss him.

    • Before things ended with us I was the only one putting in effort. He wasn't at all. So I don't know if I can say I regret cutting him or not when I literally had no other choice. I more so want for us to talk so I can get some closure.

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    • I know what you're feeling but it might be too late. You have 2 options. 1. Text him and have the talk. But warning it most likely won't go well and you might get hurt more. 2. You drop it and move on... I know this is going to bug you and eventually you're going to text him and when you do, don't expect any closure and don't get your hopes up.

    • I think you're blaming yourself for the way things ended but in life we all make mistakes and you can't hold onto this forever.

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  • He simply doesn't deserves you and doesn't love you either


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