She lets me touch her a lot, without touching back too often?

I'm friends with a girl at work, and obviously I like her, otherwise I wouldn't be here, right? Anyways, she lets me put my arm around her shoulders or my hand on her waist often. No recoil, no annoyed reactions. I don't get much back though. But she does touch me,Just not as often as I touch her. Hugs when we part for the day.

What do you gals out there think?


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What Girls Said 1

  • She might just feel really comfortable with you...and flirting at work passes the day. Try two things.

    Have a day where you are kinda grumpy and don't talk or touch her at all and see if this increases her being tactile with you.

    Secondly start up looking at her intently, see if there is a sexual attraction there. You could be in the friend zone or she may think you are gay.SO up the anti on this... brush a bit of hair off her face, that seriously melts a girls heart, I thought id be just corny...then a guy (similar situation) did it and yep good :-)

    • She's know I'm straight, as does everybody else, so no worries there. XD

    • Do you not have the courage to just say look I like you would you like to go to the cinema.easy,done.

    • Good point.

What Guys Said 1

  • she might be modest and shy about these types of things in public. Try hanging out with her one on one and try and judge how things go from there


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