I know I need to get a life!

I already posted about my guy friend who I really like. I haven't told him I like him because I think it will ruin things. I am used to us speaking everyday and now our convos are sporadic. I am starting to panic a little that he is getting a vibe that I like him. Maybe it's all in my head. I think I am letting my feelings take over too much. How do I cool myself down?


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  • Hey "J"! I think your overthinking this whole thing. I think you are perceiving this all in your mind. You need to chill, take a deep breath and just try to get a grip. I know you really like him and he is special to you. You decided not to tell him and that's fine because it's what you decided. But, if you guys don't talk as frequently then don't hit the panic button. He is busy like you and has a life too. Don't be overly emotional or too clingy or needy. This will turn him off big time. Let him come to you and maintain the normalcy.

    Envieme un mensaje. Tengo noticias! Te extrano! Peace mihijita.


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