Please advice my heart and brain is hurting cause I'm broken?

I always was jealous of this one chick and my husband banged her while we were not living together supposedly his buddy told me she was over couple times and they banged and he told me she enjoyed it I was literally wanting to die and still so I'm so jealous and hurt what should I do I want to give up and die or do drugs? Why is he doing this to me he didn't even apologize, I have so much hatred and envy toward him doing this and she's 21 and my husband is 29 I'm hurt please I am steeing. Advice
I am so jealous and hurt I can never forgive him? Whyyyy


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  • bc u gave him everything u have all ur love... he is an azz hole dnt give a shit about u... makes u feel like bitch bc u stil giving him what he dnt deserve... leave that mf...

    • What can I say to hurt him. Your right it's just hard cause I love him a lot and he is mean everyone says

    • it wil become hard n hard the more u stay just quit...

  • Simple. Divorce his ass on grounds of infidelity. And then move on with your life as a free person.

  • it's hurt ur ego.. nothing else..

    • Please I have no one to talk to about this? I'm so depressed why is he doing this to me. I cheated to. Is this karma cause it hurts

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