What does he actually want?

so me and my boyfriend were together nearly a year we had known each other most our lives as pur families know each other and we hung about with the same sort of people growing up then he ended up working at the same place as me and we got talking went on a few dates and then started our relationship. we were both really happy for ages but then my life got stressful as my ex is a pain in the ass (we have a child together and he kept missing contact so mine and my boyfriend plans were cancelled alot) then i moved house i had court with my ex and it just seemed like a never ending cycle of shit coming at me and i felt low and so did he so he said about having a break. that was 2 weeks ago and in those 2 weeks weve tried not talking which didn't last long cuz 1 of us caved in we tried talking about it all but that just confused me more now were back to "lets not talk for abit and see what happens if its meant to work it will"

basically we stop talking to give each other space then he randomly appears. he says he loves me and misses me a lot but he doesn't know if its enough he's scared incase he gets unhappy again like in his past relationship.

so my question is if he has said lets not talk and see what happens cuz he doesn't know what to do is that basically him not wanting to admit he doesn't want to try again or he is genuinely confused?


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  • It means your an idiot for sticking around. You tell him "well when you do figure things out let me know IF I'm still single" and get on with your life. He's full of shit he's just stringing you along and you're allowing it

    • im not really sticking around he's broken contact the most and turned up randomly to see me even though we wasn't talking. i wouldn't just go straight back in anyway as i have my child to think about i just want to understand why he's doing this

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    • I've deleted all forms of contact so its up to him what he does now i doubt i will hear but i guess if he actually is being honest and not jut stringing me along he will prove it. thanks for the help

    • Good luck

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