Baby Mama Issues?

So my boyfriend​ and his baby mama are about to have their second kid together. He knocked her up before me and him got together. We both have enormous feelings for each other. We have been together for 9 months. Should I leave him and let him deal with the baby mama issue or let things play out? What would you do?


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  • There will always be baby mama issues


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  • Do what you think is right and what will make you happy. Dating someone with children is harder than dating someone without kids but if you truly love each other you can make it through a few baby mama issues


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  • Well he got 2 babies to her and always know the babys mama will
    always be in the picture, she could even take him to court for money
    for child support. Your young and could find any guy to date and love
    you but there will always be chaos with babys mama she will be in the
    picture. I think I would do a double take on this one.

    • I've definitely thought about it. In the beginning it was just messy and now shit has really hit the fan and we're both extremely stubborn

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    • I've only been with him and I'm not entirely sure that the baby his baby mama is carry is even his

    • Yeah i see

  • let things playing around could be get fixed.. r u hv already prepared for leaving him


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  • how long have he dated his baby mama? coz if they came long way then you might have to leave him


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