Ex girlfriend and I of 4 years broke up. As I move on I want her back, please help?

Here goes, so on 3/14/2017 my girlfriend and I broke up. We have started no contact on 3/17/2017, The cause of it was probably because she said she wants a man that is going to provide for her. I was working a dead end job and not trying to better my education. So after the breakup I was alone and I finally enrolled in school and am playing soccer again. We are 20 years old. To be honest she said she wants to focus on school as do I now but we are kinda alike we both were working dead end jobs and now want to go to school. I'm wanting to go back to school in order to show that Yes I can do things on my own and to better myself. I love her and do miss talking to her. The only thing that now gets me is the fact if I don't recall is that she said that I was lazy when I was with you and all of a sudden we were happy 3 weeks prior to the 14th and all of a sudden we are now apart. There was a guy that plays baseball at a college about 40 miles away. They aren't together at least I'm not sure but I just want her to be happy however I can understand attraction and love and things that guys do can really affect a womens mindset on a relationship. Also we go to the same church Sundays and Wednesdays. I am however chatting with other women but none of them match to her beauty and how she treated me with so much love and respect. I just want that back. I want her to see that I can pick myself up and change my mind to better my life and I really want to include her in my life. I just fear when she sees me again especially at church that she just won't like me, love me, miss me, care for me. Sorry I'm still lost but I'm slowly getting my life together but I really wish I can include her in my life. Thanks!


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  • tell her that you miss her and you still love her


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  • It's over. Grow a pair and move on. Why would you want to waste even more of your time with someone that doesn't want you? Use your free time for self-improvement, so that the next one comes around you'll be up to her standards.

    • I mean I am moving on lol. As stated I'm going to school staying in shape, playing sports, working.

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    • @Barrabus_the_Free how can you be more of an alpha as I said I go to school now and just focus on my education and sports, fitness now.

    • *NOW* you're doing it right. Basically, everything you did before, don't ever do that again.

  • SHe's a gold-digger. You're better off without her. If you'd stayed with her, as soon as you had a decent-paying job she would 'mysteriously' get pregnant. She'd stop working. She'd just spend your money all damn day. Then after she shat out a couple crotch goblins, she'd decide you were boring and she'd start complaining about how you don't make enough, you're always at work (because she won't work, but she won't stop spending money either), blah blah blah. She'd work on getting back in shape, and she'd start banging some other guy on the side. Of course she'd say it was YOUR fault that she spread for someone else. And the divorce court would agree with her, and compensate her for those years of sitting on her ass by giving her at least half of everything you'd built in that time, plus make you write out a couple of checks every month, one for Mommy's Party Fund Support and one for vagimony.

    I can't tell you how many times I've seen exactly this. It's like they're following a script.

    You dodged a MAJOR bullet. Forget her, concentrate on yourself and school/hobbies.


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